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20 years of VFX and post-production experience let us increase the production value of a project

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To bring the most diverse creativities into reality, our team of artists and designers work hand in hand with directors and creators to shape any idea. Our artistic talent supports the visualization of the idea, designing the mood of the film. From storyboard to key images.

Virtual production is an innovative alternative to conventional shooting, in which computer generated image and real image flow together in the same environment, providing to the director a final result in real time.

More than 20 years of experience creating and compositing VFX: fluids, particle systems, set extension, explosions, set development, crowds, etc. Our CGI artists are used to work to achieve hyper-realistic results where computer-generated and real images merge together perfectly.

Being involved from the first version of the script is crucial to ensure an efficient workflow, reducing costs and guaranteeing the best quality in our projects. Through pitchvis, previs & techvis you can sell a concept, show it and be ready to shoot in the most effective way.

We design our creations from scratch adding MAXIMUM PRODUCTION VALUE, at minimum cost, using VFX in order to simplify set locations and save production costs, while helping directors ‘tell their stories’.

Putting technology at the service of creativity offers endless possibilities to the VFX workflow. We develop tools to meet every challenge we face.

After a meticulous preproduction, finally the decisions are made on set. We work and assist DOP’s and Directors on set to ensure that all shots taken are in harmony with post-production needs, contributing to the reduction of unnecessary costs.

A technical work becomes mystical. The way to return from the shooting with all data needed to carry out the CG integration successfully, starts with long discussions in VFX pre-production.

Animation is as old as the history of cinema itself. Understanding said language is essential to be able to transmit strong emotions that connect with the viewer.

We have high-level facilities (4K / HDR technologies) adapting our deliveries to the most advanced requirements of top platforms such as Amazon and Netflix.

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