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I have the privilege of being able to work in something I am passionate about. And being always surrounded by people from whom I never stop learning professionally, and with whom I have an unbeatable relationship on a personal level.

David Santos, VFX Editor of Dare Planet Studios.
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Hello there, my name is David and that's our story.

Since I came to Madrid to do my internship I’ve been shooting, making of, editing, freelance videographer and motion graphics artist in internet pieces for brands like Yoigo, Sony, Multiópticas or Deliveroo.

After several years doing postproduction coordination of advertising in Primo Content I started working in VFX editorial and online conforming in Marte VFX.

I’ve worked for brands like IKEA, Repsol, Santander, or Playstation, and I’ve participated in music videos for artists like Izal or DJ Nano.

The world of postproduction fascinates me, but I’m happy to have come to it from the outside.

It has allowed me to be more aware of other aspects of generating an audiovisual piece, whether it’s a music video, a commercial or a series.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on projects like Alex de la Iglesia’s 30 Coins or Javier Fesser’s Historias Lamentables.

And I’ve always, always worked with people with whom I’ve never stopped learning. I have the luxury of being able to work on something I love.

And with a team like the one at Dare Planet I know there is no limit to what we will be able to do.

You can check my full career on IMDb.

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