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Color matters, it is the silent narrator that conveys emotions. It is important that it comes along with the VFX to make them shine.

Hello there, my name is Susana and that's my our story

I’ve always loved painting, that’s why I studied Arts, that’s the reason why I enjoy coloring and transforming the shooting material.

I love sharing the work with the different directors of photography. The challenge is to learn every day, as it is becoming more and more demanding in between.

I have been in this industry for more than 25 years, I started in advertising as a “compo artist”, I went through television, designing brand image representative pieces and headers, and from 2005 I specialized in color grading for fiction.

In 2016 I set up my studio “100% color grading”, in the heart of Madrid, and motivated by the desire to share a common project and to work as a team, I finally joined DPS.

I am sure that we will take advantage of this synergy to make VFX something excellent.

I have participated in the most long-lasting fiction projects in this country, in independent and incredible films and documentaries, and movies or series such as “A Perfect Day”, “El hombre de la mil caras”, “Historias lamentables”, “Armas de mujer”…etc.

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