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The best thing about this profession is that it doesn't feel like you're working, you just meet incredibly good people... and learn from them. It's a real pleasure.

Hello there, my name is Montaña and that's my our story

I have a degree in Arts with a major in Painting.

That summer, almost by pure chance, I started modeling 3D objects and discovered my passion for the digital universe.

Professionally, I have worked in most of the post-production sectors, from modeling, texturing and 3D animation, through VFX, compositing and motion graphics, to Art Direction for credits and VFX supervision.

I combine my professional life with teaching at the Faculty of Arts of the URJC.

After more than 25 years in the industry, I still can’t define myself with a particular style or specialty…

I can adapt myself like a chameleon and I enjoy every opportunity that the profession gives me.

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