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Being able to contribute to the final quality of audiovisual projects thanks to technology, taking productions to the next level, is something indescribable.

Hello there, my name is Ignacio and that's my our story

I have a solid background in the digital services industry, both in the backoffice/delivery area and in strategic management.

Also I have an international background in working in large multi-national environments with an eye for cultural differences.

My goal in life is to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which the combination of talent and technology allows any audiovisual project to reach the next level of quality.

I have had the opportunity to join the shooting teams on multiple occasions and the feeling of seeing the best VFX techniques applied in the final production is indescribable.

I have created the best team of professionals in the VFX industry and we are looking forward to start the next project together.

I am sure that at Dare Planet Studio we will provide solutions to all the needs that your project needs to be special, what we call the “Dare Factor”. Shall we start?

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