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After more than 20 years in the sector, what I value most is professional and human talent. A well-developed team always has an influence on the final quality of any work.

Blanca Escudero, Managing Director of Dare Planet Studios.
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Hello there, my name is Blanca and that's my our story

My beginnings date from Molinare studio, where I started as a runner 22 years ago.

Little by little I learned every step, every detail of the audiovisual world, which has allowed my current experience and contacts in this profession to be very broad.

I have been lucky enough to train and work in the best post-production and VFX studios in Spain. It has allowed me to have the opportunity to coordinate and direct countless projects for large national and international advertisers.

I have been involved from the shooting to the broadcast copies, controlling the whole process minimizing costs and failures.

Because of my entrepreneurial character I have also learned to manage teams, perhaps the most complex aspect of a company and also the most rewarding.

I am still learning and I would love you to follow me in Dare Planet Studios, the same confidence as always, new projects. If you want to know a little bit more about me, you can check my career on IMDB.

You can check my full career on IMDb​

My career in numbers

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Teams managed
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I would like to show you some of my work

Feb 2016- Jun 2020

Reel as CEO of Marte VFX

1998 - 2016

Reel as freelance editor and vfx production coordinator in collaboration with: El Ranchito, Miopia VFX, The Frank Barton Company, Molinare, Serena Digital, Telson.

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