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We create Visual Effects through innovation, adding production value to all kind of projects.

We are Dare Planet Studios.

Some projects

Heineken Indio
Showing an 'uncontainable' flavour
Take a look
Heineken Indio
Showing an 'uncontainable' flavour
Take a look
Leadership _

We are an award winning team.

Dare Planet Studios team have won 2 Goya Awards from the Spanish Academy.

World leading companies and advertising agencies have relied in us their spots in order to achieve what we call 'the dare factor'.

VFX Services _

Top class services

VFX Design

We design our creations from scratch adding Maximum Production Value.

VFX Production

Our CG artists are used to work in order to achieve hyperrealistic results.

VFX Preproduction

You can sell a concept, show it and be ready to shoot it in the most effective way.

Virtual Production

A unique on-set ecosystem to visualize & edit final results in real time.


Give emotions that connect with the viewer understanding said language.


Obtain all the data needed to accomplish CG integration successfully.

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