Dare Planet Studios is a professional team working across all postproduction processes

Our area of expertise and skillset is wide ranging, thanks to having worked on spectacular scenes that make movies truly mind blowing

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Ignacio MarínMeet the career of our CEO & Founder
Ignacio Marín
Meet Ignacio
Sergio TapiaMeet the career of our COO & Founder
Sergio Tapia
Meet Sergio
Blanca EscuderoMeet the career of our Managing Director
Blanca Escudero
Meet Blanca
Ferrán PiquerMeet the career of our Project Manager & VFX Designer
Ferran Piquer
Meet Ferran
Fran PorrasMeet the career of our VFX Supervisor
Fran Porras
Meet Fran
Miriam PiquerMeet the career of our VFX Supervisor
Miriam Piquer
Meet Miriam
Miguel CastrilloMeet the career of our CG Supervisor
Miguel Castrillo
Meet Miguel
Guillermo ValeroMeet the career of our VFX Coordinator
Guillermo Valero
Meet Miguel
Silvia CerradaMeet the career of our VFX Production Manager
Silvia Cerrada
Meet Silvia
Rocio SorianoMeet the career of our VFX Coordinator
Rocío Soriano
Meet Rocío
Milagros GraciaMeet the career of our VFX Production Assistant
Milagros Gracia
Meet Milagros
Sara de GarayMeet the career of our 3D Generalist
Sara de Garay
Meet Sara
Christian GiraltMeet the career of our Junior VFX Compositor
Christian Giralt
Meet Christian


We work across all postproduction processes to ensure that your project reaches a superior final quality.

We help our clients to design their projects from the beginning with the tools that postproduction offers.

We are specialized on the creation and composition of VFX, particle systems, set extension, crowds and so on..

Our pipeline and flexibility allows us to face almost every project, adapting ourselves on timing and budget.

We work and assist DOP’s and Directors on set to guarantee the shots taken meet the postproduction needs.

Our Compositors are really skilled creating digital scenarios from ground zero and extending shooting sets.

We work with the latest 4K and HDR technology is adapted to the needs of the international platforms Amazon & Netflix.

Our compositing team is highly skilled working upon real images, integrating, cleaning anachronisms…

Our IT department allows us to confront the most challenging projects offering a great quality surplus.

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